Core Beliefs

Focus on the needs of our customers who are the keys to our success.
Continuously improve the quality of the products and services we provide to our customers.
Develop and build first class manufacturing facilities around the world, providing our customers with the highest possible level of value, quality and service.
Represent the highest standard of professionalism in all our endeavors, having utmost respect for all people.
Encourage and maintain an entrepreneurial spirit within our company so that individuals, working together as a team, can take our company to levels that are limited only by our will and imagination.
Provide valuable training for our people, and a safe, clean workplace.
Conduct ourselves as good stewards of our natural environment.
Finally, it is our belief that God has a purpose for our company. We pray that He will grant us wisdom, vision and humility in our work; and that He will not allow us to rest on the efforts of those who have gone before us.