Tietex stitchbond polyester is one of the strongest materials available as reinforcement in cold process roofing. It offers an unusual combination of high strength properties, delivering good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations.

We also manufacture various polyester substrates for in-line roof coating technology. Our polyester has tremendous strength properties in machine direction that keeps fabric from necking-in during the coating process.

In over 25 years of serving the roofing industry, we know our products are an integral part of a high quality and complex installation. That's why we're serious about ISO 9001 Certification and consistent ASTM testing. And that's also why we use post consumer recycled polyester in leading the move toward "green" fabrics. You can be assured we manufacture both original and "green" products according to the strictest quality standards. With several million yards installed annually across the country, we remain a leading supplier for a variety of roofing market end uses.


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